Meet the next generation of kid's shoes.

We know that your kid's are the center of your universe, which is why we designed this shoe. oobi's are designed for adventure, while giving parents peace of mind of having the ability to embed an airtag in the insole. Available in size 6T to 13T.

Our Patent Pending Insole

oobi shoes feature a patent pending insole design that houses an apple airtag in the right insole. This allows parents to insert an airtag and use the related technology to track the airtag.

Unique Lacing Technology

Our laces are designed to help young kids and toddlers engage with laces prior to learning to tie their shoes. The zip tie laces (available for sizes 6-11) are easy for kids to use themselves, and all laces can be removed to be worn as slip on shoes.

Designed by Parents and Kids

Our shoes were designed by both parents and kids to meet their unique needs in a kid's shoe. Kids gravitated towards playful colorways and shoes that made them go fast, while parents looked for stability, function, and a shoe that was built to last - oobis are all of these things.

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